Who we are

Equilly is an international team of creatives and strategists from all around the world. We are collaborative, open-minded, and use our collective experience, design and technical expertise to create meaningful branding.

What we do

We help brands and  businesses to understand their own value on the market by developing a Brand Strategy and make brands look authentic and trustworthy by working on Brand Identity that will represent company’s values and believes. As designers we solve design problems and as design-thinkers we solve business problems.

Our mission

Have you ever thought about what does a great brand to become successful and remarkable? Why some brands are having bigger impact on the market while others seem to be artificial and just cannot engage with their audience? We ask these questions to ourselves every single day. And we’ve found the answer. Here, at Equilly, we strongly believe that every brand has it’s own mission and purpose. So, why not to show it to the audience?

We think, design and create for real people. No fake stories. Real relationship.


Ready to work with us?

Whether you would like to discuss your project, or just simply want to say hi, we appreciate the time you take to fill out our contact form.