We know that market nowadays is overpopulated by different brands and names and it’s really hard to choose new and unique one. So we’ve collected 5 the most significant advices for creating an excellent Business Name for your company or startup. Use these tips in order to create your own and unique branding name.

1.Avoid “name-generators”.

Choosing a name is a creative process and computers just cannot replace human mind in this process. Keep your brand as personal as possible. Even if you’re really struggling or don’t have much time to spent on your naming, machine work isn’t a great solution for this task. 

2.Keep it simple!

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes while choosing a name. Try not to use complicated word combinations like bestdivingservicemikeshousepricefree or BDSMHPF. Use simple words and combinations instead.

3.Use your name.

Using your first or last names seems to be very useful in most cases. Company becomes much more personalized when founder’s name is used. However, keep in mind that this trick may not work well in some cases (JoeJonesSewerCleaning or JackBackRubbishRemoval).

4.What’s your favorite … ?

Think about yourself and your company. Do you have something that you want to stick with your business? It can be anything you want, your favorite color or favorite fruit, your spouse’s name or even your childhood nickname.

5.Alternative spelling.

Just change letters in words. For example, at Equilly we just changed a letter a in equally, and now we have a quill inside. Lots of companies are using this method in order to achieve great results.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Keep brainstorming and eventually you’ll get the most satisfying result.

Thanks for reading!

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