Being healthy is simple

Light – is a healthy drinks company. Light provides healthy, organic, GMO-free juice and cleanses made fresh daily. Founded on the ideal of collaborating within the community, fostering partnerships, and providing opportunities.


Simple story

In the fall of 2016, four friends came together, each on their own personal journey towards health and well-being. Each had experienced their own detours and bumps along the road, but one powerful thing connected them together: juice.


Positive impact

Brandon, Sam, Mike & John had all been positively impacted by incorporating cold-pressed juice and juice cleansing into their lives. And they wanted to share what they had discovered. Because they believed that the real secret to a healthy and happy life shouldn’t be a secret at all.


Light team:

John Hawkins – executive manager

Equilly team:

Sam Galsky – executive designer

Dima Mukhin – corporate brand identity & marketing strategy

Photography: Nick Karvounis, Joanna Kosinska, Mariana Medvedeva, Brooke Lark, Wine Dharma, Atikh Bana, Joshua Sorenson.