Vintage is a new trend

Lusterko – is a vintage clothing company. Staff is taking pride in sourcing and grading the best vintage clothing from around the world. Located in the north of England it is the premier location for quality, used clothing in the UK. All the clothes in stores have been graded to the highest standards, with no major holes, tears or strains. Instead, they all posses those unique, vintage characteristics that we all know and admire.



Company was established in the year 2001, as a stall in one of the most exciting and unique retail destinations in the world; Brighton Open Market. Over the past seventeen years Lusterko have grown to open three stores in London and one in Brighton.



Authentic vintage

Versatility and originality pervade Lusterko’s design philosophy; they combine new fashion trends with classic vintage styles, along with a good aesthetics. It is all about creating a timeless sense of romance and glamour set against an unconventional background.



Lusterko team:

Sunny Kawakawa – executive manager

Equilly team:

Susy Lishchenko – head of art

Sam Galsky – executive designer

Dima Mukhin – brand strategy/design

Photography: Alex Holyoake, Annie Sprat, Cam Morin, Charles Deluvio, Demetrius Washington, Florian Perennes.