Healthcare revised

TrueState software is used by global organisations who certify services or equipment on behalf of their clients. The mobile app enables field staff to provide audit and certification services using iPad or iPhone. TrueState technology accelerates the certification process by allowing decision makes to see the results of certification activities in near real time.


Certification for the healthcare industry

TrueState is designed for organisations which are involved in the audit and accreditation of clinical services.  Customers use TrueState to dramatically decrease the time it takes to provide audit and accreditation results for clinical services.


TrueState delivers clinical audit & accreditation results faster. The software shortens the accreditation process meaning customers and stakeholders see results faster. The results is that services are introduced in less time, issues are remediated quicker and patient welfare is enhanced.


Equilly team:

Sam Galsky – executive designer

Susy Lishchenko – brand strategy

Photography: Olu Eletu, Samson Duborg-Rankin, Samuel Zeller.